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A Virtual ImaginAIRium:… Epic walkoff runback : DeSean Jackson Wins Game With Punt Return

hmmmm…  lets see,  he fumbled the ball, picked it up,  ran through and past the entire Giant’s tem…including a beautiful block and then a straight-arm at 15 secs…Then he  ran sideways across the field on the 1 yard line or less – to run down/out the clock – before crossing the goal line…hmmmm …..wonder what Coach Reid  said? Said “Outrageous”.

Wonder who caught the game ball DeSean  threw away?   Note that the announcer was dumbfounded as DeSean ran laterally across the field, to run down the time clock,  instead of crossing the goal right away.

Why was this such a momentous play?

Here is what a Philadelphia Inquirer Reporter wrote about the play and the game:

Eagles’ ‘Miracle at New Meadowlands’ beats Giants for NFC East lead

POSTED: December 20, 2010 By Jeff McLane Inquirer Staff Writer

“Why would he kick it to DeSean?”

Michael Vick asked the question that the New York Giants and their fans will be muttering to themselves for years to come.

But that’s exactly what Giants punter Matt Dodge did.

DeSean Jackson did all the rest.

The wide receiver – kept in check for nearly the entire game – fielded a short, line-drive punt from Dodge and miraculously raced 65 yards for the winning touchdown as time expired to give the Eagles an improbable, mind-boggling, there-isn’t-an-adjective-suitable-enough-to-describe-this 38-31 win over the Giants on Sunday.

Amazingly, the Eagles roared back after the Giants took a 31-10 lead with 8 minutes, 17 seconds left in the game.

In nearly three seasons, Jackson has provided a highlight reel of great plays that would fill a career, but his dash for the ages at New Meadowlands Stadium goes straight to the top. It will be a part of Eagles lore as long as Philadelphians love football and can go by only one name: “The Miracle at the New Meadowlands.”

Rock And Roll After School in The Virtual ImaginAIRium at Worcester Elementary’s Great Room

The Happening:

There it happened. 

Rock And Roll After School of Phoenixville, PA produced a Rock And Roll Show at Worcester Elementary School, Lansdale PA.  A Worcester Elementary School heads up parents organization wove  together an incredible precision performance .  This writer was privileged to be allowed into the Auditorium at  Worcester Elementary School during rehearsal and performance.  The rehearsals went quickly and precisely. All 3 bands warmed up to individually installed sound systems.  The sound systems were installed and sound checked before the crowd entered.

A huge bellowing crowd of students proclaimed their thrill at having such great young talent come to Worcester Elementary School to strut their talent. The Worcester Wolves had a great safe evening. Co-operation among students, parents , teachers, aides musicians, musical gurus was impressive. The bands were on key & tight. O’Brien found his car key before his wife beheaded him.

The youngest band, performed last, except for the 3 percussionists (above video) that also left the crowd on their feet & screaming. Here is Negative Zero: 

Cassady was the sole soloist, and proved to be a shining beautiful poised star – to –  be of Rock And Roll After School. A student for a handful of months, Guru O’Brien taught her the very basics of guitar and music theory to the point where Cassady learned John Lennon’s Imagine, by heart & mind, and played it, by memory, on an electric guitar even though she had been practicing almost exclusively on an acoustic guitar.

After all the bands performed and took a bow, they left the stage, to man the autograph table to sign autographs for their fans in The Virtual ImaginAIRium.

The headliner band, Natural Disaster,  will be posted shortly.  Stay Tuned.

Regional Attorneys, Lawyers and Auto Accident Law Firms, The Pottstown Lawyer and The Mayerson Law Offices, Spring City, donated the video shooting, editing and post production services  for the bands to  put them on You Tube for all who wish to applaud,  appreciate and perhaps comment here regarding their thoughts about this amazing evening of co-operation.


The Bus – In The Virtual ImaginAIRium

The Bus as Theater,           

 Theatre in a Bus:

Stones And Bones: The first episode of the Series : The Bus.

 We went to 3 performances. The first was a dress rehearsal with a small audience. We filmed that rehearsal. Two parts of the  filming are shown below. Wireman.The below slice serves as an introduction to the passenger, Wireman. It  includes some of the music side of  Stones N Bones.

Bennie, Deceased, Appears. In this slice of the production The brothers, Mort and Doc reunite to spread their father’s ashes.They agree to take a bus  Paradise Falls, where they will spread Benny, their father’s ashes… Mort & Doc are stunned when their deceased father or his spirit appears…
we learn a little about the stones n bones…

The Bus.

The Medium is the Massage:

The physical bus is a well used  Golden Eagle touring bus that has been revamped for theater. Most of the front rows of seats have been removed. The left & right sides of the bus have been redesigned to allow 22 seats, for the entire audience,  along the interior bus walls, facing one another. The rear few rows remain and most of the performance takes place there. The performers do regularly move up and down the aisle, and the conductor plays her part mostly from the front of the bus.

I heartily applaud the creativity, ingenuity, talent  and diligence of all who made this wonderful ongoing happening occur.


Han Lee Tears Up Blazing Horse In The ImaginAIRIUM

In September, 2010, Sean & Miranda invited Colleen & I to come to Ireland to play with Matilda & Alfie, see and shoot The Blazing Horse Festival and Ireland’s Copper Coast. We came, we saw -we were conqured.
The first Blazing Horse, musical performance occured as scheduled, before 98 % of the guests would arrive or did arrive. Elder was the opening act as he had another gig later that day. Poor Elder, he missed the rest of The Midnight Caberet.
I did not expect to be asked to film from stage, yet  there I was , with the best seat in the house, that David Curran built. For over 3 decades now, the video camera has give me great entree, or ticket to ride. I edited Elder’s video right away & soon it was on YouTube.
In October in St. Louis, Han Lee saw Elder’s Ireland performance, and started dancing to the music and  drawing the music . Han decided to to do a video portrat of himself dancing with Elder playing. I saw the video and decided to remix the 2 videos together.
Han has colloaborated with me through the years and has illustrated much music for many films we have on Youtube under the nom de plume of redkruzer.
I grew up with Mel Squires & Steve Nicholas. We walked to Mann, Beeber and  to Overbrook High School. We  were a half year ahead of Wilt Chamberlain.
Ira Davis did the broad jump, despite Dippy’s getting all the credit for that sort of thing. Bernie Diamond lived on Diamond St with Bernie Meyers. You may obtain the DVD of the Blazing Horse Festival from Sean, Tim, Dave and assorted others.

Moby feat Basshunter: In The ImaginAIRium

Remixing Corcoran

So here is the timid Sean Corcoran’s work remixed …

On Remixing:

Below are the concept and foundation for my remixing : the heaven reaching Creative Commons Concept:

or remixed yet again:

Please excuse me for also posting this in:  “Miami To New York…And Beyond” aka


What is a Virtual ImaginAIRium ? Physical ImaginAIRium?

Cross Over The Bridge

On  February 10, 2010 , in, Sean Corcoran wrote, describing a cross over ImaginAIrium, half virtual & half physical:

As the days count down, our concepts melt into reality. Here’s where it starts, a prelude to a Miami to New York movie perhaps. A fantastic 45 seconds of video brought to you from the iPhone of the “fearless” Redkruzer himself, Hy Mayerson;

Imagine that: An ImaginAIRium

Perhaps the first video introducing a virtual or crossover ImaginAIrium was RedKruzer’s May 15 2008 YouTube post, in which red commented:

“goin down the hallway of life,

we could never imagine who we will meet where…

it is all an ImaginAIRium.” :

The Philadelphia Art Museum, A Virtual & Physical :         *****ImaginAIRium*** 

This is a work in progress, to be continued, stay tuned….

The ImaginAIRium : A Multi-Media Think Tank, Sound Stage, Edit studios, Black Box Theatre, Meeting House.

The ImaginAIRium will be the Great Room of The Meeting House Law Building & Gallery. There are 3 private new offices and more in the addition

The InaginAIRium aims  to be the crossroads of creativity, technology, art, theater and imagination.

We plan to have projections, films, networking, coffee shop, black box theater in the basement for 10 to 30 seats…

We want to be a country club for film makers, geeks, musicians, audio and visual  DJs, poets, videographers, photographers, artists, dancers, collectors,quilt makers, potters, storytellers, imagineers … Musicians are invited to bring a guitar, fiddle, flute, harmonica or whatever, play alone, or with friends…preplanned or unannounced, for the delight of those who may have stopped by for coffee or whatever…

There are already brother & sister ImaginAIRiums. They are Physical and Virtual ImaginAIRiums reported on , described in words ,videos and photos elsewhere on this blog.

There are sister stations, is one.

Most of all The ImaginAIRium is a networking clubhouse to make music, films, friends, art and celebrate life and wholesome food …coffee may be the exception that proves the rule.

The Morphing of The Meeting House to The ImaginAIRium :Stage 2

Two  iPhone Videos updating the metamorphosing :



The First Think Tank Meeting:

We have had an initial creativity meeting, a resounding success, with spontaneous music, dance, poetry, projections, a stamp act performance and a delicious 7 PM breakfast.

A sampling of the videos from this meeting are below and elsewhere on this blog and on

There is a  a  Wikipedia article on The Meeting House in an earlier incarnation:

Stay tuned, we are continually updating this page and adding new ones to

Please subscribe, tell us a story, sing us a song, send us a painting or drawing or comment if you feel so inclined…

A few iPhone photos: