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Han Lee – A Virtual ImaginAIRium – The Green Eye Of The Little Yellow God

Green Eye of the Little Yellow God

Many people have asked for more information regarding the Chicago/St. Louis artist Mr. Han Lee, especially after his now somewhat famous St. Louis dance to the Irish singer Songwriter Elder Roche’s performance at The Blazing Horse Festival in Ireland . The requests intensified after we published his illustrations of the poisoning in The Imaginairium. So using a monologue, The Little Green Eye Of The Little Yellow God, as a vehicle, we respond with Artist Lee’s illustrating and illustrations of Bard Tyrrell’s performance of Green Eye.

From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: “The Green Eye of the Little Yellow God is a 1911 poem by J. Milton Hayes that is a famous example of the genre of “dramatic monologue“, … The poem is influenced by the ballads of Rudyard KiplingThe opening lines are still very well-known:
There’s a one-eyed yellow idol to the north of Kathmandu,                   There’s a little marble cross below the town;                                              There’s a broken-hearted woman tends the grave of Mad Carew,             And the Yellow God forever gazes down.”

The illustrating being done in this video  is  Mr. Han Lee’s  second illustration of the Bard, Sean Tyrrell’s musical adaption of the famous monologue, The Green Eye Of The Little Yellow God:  

Here is Mr. Lee’s  second and  finished illustration of  Green Eye:  

Han’s first illustration of Green Eye:  

Artist Lee’s dancing in St Louis to Elder Roche’s performance in the Blazing Horse Festival near Waterford Ireland is again presented in this blog: 

Artist Lee contributed illustrations for MiamiToNewYork.com of The Silver Star and the team we sent to do the multimedia expedition and of The Orange Blossom Special.

Thank you Mr. Lee.



Han Lee Tears Up Blazing Horse In The ImaginAIRIUM

In September, 2010, Sean & Miranda invited Colleen & I to come to Ireland to play with Matilda & Alfie, see and shoot The Blazing Horse Festival and Ireland’s Copper Coast. We came, we saw -we were conqured.
The first Blazing Horse, musical performance occured as scheduled, before 98 % of the guests would arrive or did arrive. Elder was the opening act as he had another gig later that day. Poor Elder, he missed the rest of The Midnight Caberet.
I did not expect to be asked to film from stage, yet  there I was , with the best seat in the house, that David Curran built. For over 3 decades now, the video camera has give me great entree, or ticket to ride. I edited Elder’s video right away & soon it was on YouTube.
In October in St. Louis, Han Lee saw Elder’s Ireland performance, and started dancing to the music and  drawing the music . Han decided to to do a video portrat of himself dancing with Elder playing. I saw the video and decided to remix the 2 videos together.
Han has colloaborated with me through the years and has illustrated much music for many films we have on Youtube under the nom de plume of redkruzer.
I grew up with Mel Squires & Steve Nicholas. We walked to Mann, Beeber and  to Overbrook High School. We  were a half year ahead of Wilt Chamberlain.
Ira Davis did the broad jump, despite Dippy’s getting all the credit for that sort of thing. Bernie Diamond lived on Diamond St with Bernie Meyers. You may obtain the DVD of the Blazing Horse Festival from Sean, Tim, Dave and assorted others.