Imaginairium @ the crossroads of :

Art   X Technology  X Creativity  X Theater.

the.I M A G I N A I R I U M.

the.I M A G I N A I R I U M.

the.I M A G I N A I R I U M.

The Mission of the ImaginAIRium

is engender creativity

and imagination by providing a

networking location

and opportunities

for filmmakers, musicians, illustrators,  artists, craftswomen & men,

story tellers, poets,

writers,song writers,  imagineers, imaginAIRs, those who feel extraordinary…

to mix together &

to remix

in the path of

Creative Commons  



and of course a remix of the above remix…

Ireland’s : Blazing Horse Festival : No Mix & Remix and no Tom Mix:

and a remix:Musician,Artist/dancer/videographer/editor/mixed up: 

AND: What does Han Lee Draw anyway??


Hold on – Right There Ronald.

What Happened to Moby? N who is Basshunter?

Hey Out There…

You, yes you…

Come on in, the weather’s fun…

but only if you are not afraid to have fun…

Wait for me….

4 responses to “Mission

  1. dave curran ireland

    i agree in my head and heart,and in action .

  2. Lookin’ and soundin’ good…

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