Rock And Roll After School in The Virtual ImaginAIRium at Worcester Elementary’s Great Room

The Happening:

There it happened. 

Rock And Roll After School of Phoenixville, PA produced a Rock And Roll Show at Worcester Elementary School, Lansdale PA.  A Worcester Elementary School heads up parents organization wove  together an incredible precision performance .  This writer was privileged to be allowed into the Auditorium at  Worcester Elementary School during rehearsal and performance.  The rehearsals went quickly and precisely. All 3 bands warmed up to individually installed sound systems.  The sound systems were installed and sound checked before the crowd entered.

A huge bellowing crowd of students proclaimed their thrill at having such great young talent come to Worcester Elementary School to strut their talent. The Worcester Wolves had a great safe evening. Co-operation among students, parents , teachers, aides musicians, musical gurus was impressive. The bands were on key & tight. O’Brien found his car key before his wife beheaded him.

The youngest band, performed last, except for the 3 percussionists (above video) that also left the crowd on their feet & screaming. Here is Negative Zero: 

Cassady was the sole soloist, and proved to be a shining beautiful poised star – to –  be of Rock And Roll After School. A student for a handful of months, Guru O’Brien taught her the very basics of guitar and music theory to the point where Cassady learned John Lennon’s Imagine, by heart & mind, and played it, by memory, on an electric guitar even though she had been practicing almost exclusively on an acoustic guitar.

After all the bands performed and took a bow, they left the stage, to man the autograph table to sign autographs for their fans in The Virtual ImaginAIRium.

The headliner band, Natural Disaster,  will be posted shortly.  Stay Tuned.

Regional Attorneys, Lawyers and Auto Accident Law Firms, The Pottstown Lawyer and The Mayerson Law Offices, Spring City, donated the video shooting, editing and post production services  for the bands to  put them on You Tube for all who wish to applaud,  appreciate and perhaps comment here regarding their thoughts about this amazing evening of co-operation.


One response to “Rock And Roll After School in The Virtual ImaginAIRium at Worcester Elementary’s Great Room

  1. dave curran ireland

    wonderful,every child should experience a task on stage,the applause in recognition of their perfofmance and the work beforehand may let loose a newer creative spirit.

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