IF it is !

ImaginAIRium Films : IF

The ImaginAIRium dreams of being a show case for film makers…

Therefore the main division of ImaginAIRium will be to house and showcase local Independent Films …


The Concert For The Benefit of The Japanese People was a resounding success. Local Americans opened up their hearts & minds by creating, takin part in and responding so generously.  All proceeds were donated  to the Philadelphia Japanese Church – who will forward all to a Church and missionaries in the disaster area in Japan.

Here are opening videos of the music…more, much more, to follow…They will be in low res suitable for cel phones and Hi Def for high-speed lines: The Hi Def ones are posted first:

Dance –  with The Mighty Manatees…HiDef

Will –  with The Mighty Manatees…   HiDef :

Ted  – with The Mighty Manatees…  HiDef :

Ray  – with The Mighty Manatees… Hi Def :

To Be Continued…

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