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IF it is !

ImaginAIRium Films : IF

The ImaginAIRium dreams of being a show case for film makers…

Therefore the main division of ImaginAIRium will be to house and showcase local Independent Films …


The Concert For The Benefit of The Japanese People was a resounding success. Local Americans opened up their hearts & minds by creating, takin part in and responding so generously.  All proceeds were donated  to the Philadelphia Japanese Church – who will forward all to a Church and missionaries in the disaster area in Japan.

Here are opening videos of the music…more, much more, to follow…They will be in low res suitable for cel phones and Hi Def for high-speed lines: The Hi Def ones are posted first:

Dance –  with The Mighty Manatees…HiDef

Will –  with The Mighty Manatees…   HiDef :

Ted  – with The Mighty Manatees…  HiDef :

Ray  – with The Mighty Manatees… Hi Def :

To Be Continued…

In The ImaginAIRium : One Million You Tube Views !!

Jamaica Travelogue… In The ImaginAIRium:

Jimmy Cliff – Many Rivers To Cross

Rekruzer’s 1989 video of the road from Negril to Montego Bay , through Lucia, hit 1,000, 000 You Tube views a few weeks ago.   We were further honored by You Tubes subsequent decision to make the video a “Featured Video”.   Today, November 11 2010 at 7 18 PM, it had 1,073,764 views.  Jimmy Cliff had not yet started his dramatic come back when this video was first put on You Tube. The film  was shot on the ocean road, in Red Salvation’s little shop, across from Birchrunville South, now Birchrunville West.

Red Salvation, Maurice Lynch. Negril’s Elder Rasta for decades.


Part 1

Red: Changing The Vibes

Red Salvation was a close friend of Bob Marley. They would visit each other often. RedKruzer became close with Red in the early 70s. Red shot this particular video of Red in the 80s: 

The ImaginAIRium will invite Reds and friends back to demonstrate more what an amazing talent and above all, human being,  Red Salvation is.  Red’s manner of using the guitar percussion like is unique.

In 2009 RastaRichNegril published his video interview with Red. I quote RastRichNegril’s  YouTube 7:05 interview video of Red: “Having brought him some Rasta Heart books from the Author Robert Roskind I spent a few minutes with one of the first Rasta’s in Negril. Red has had some issues with a bad foot and now is confined to bed and wheelchair. He is one of the most wise and intelligent Rastas you will ever meet. Learn more about what he speaks of at” 

To be continued….

A Poisoning In The ImaginAIRium : Han Lee, Sean Tyrrell, Michael Hartnett: Belladonna In The Bar

Han Lee did the drawings. Feel woosey? The medium is the massage….

Han Lee’s Illustration of Bard Sean Tyrrell’s musical adaptation of Michael Hartnett’s Poem. Bard Tyrrell is legendary for his lyrical adaptations of the Irish Literary Giants.
BELLADONNA IN THE BAR                                                                                                             She sits, and spins, and makes no wool,
ovaries empty, belly full,
and all the pubby amber day
she waits for some be-lagered prey.

Her eyes, above her borrowed drink,
the hue of octopus’s ink,
regard me with baleful gaze.

She hopes an alcoholic haze
will open pocket, loosen tongue,
and when the information’s wrung
she’ll take the words and change them- quite
and embellish them with spite,

And envy’s rictus clamps her groin
as she sees each silvery coin,
each single five- and ten pound note
slide, destined for another’s throat,
across the counter for a drink-
she must replot, rescheme, rethink.

This mistress of stiletto-stabs
lets malice fall in dribs and drabs,
and when she drinks with friends of mine,
a little poison in their wine
makes women cautious, men suspect
that I’m the High Priest of her sect,
that all my moves are slyly planned,
that rumor is my magic wand”
that my end is exploitation,
that I, not she, will rob the nation.

So come you lushes, drinkers, topers,
be you residents or interlopers,
sail you on yachts or dhows or junks,
be you Sunday” or weekday-drunks-
beware this black and midnight hag
with venom in her shopping bag.

Bob Adamski and Easy Street Reunion in The Virtual ImaginAIRium

Easy Street thrilled the packed Library 2, a Virtual ImaginAIRium, for Saturday Evening November 6 2010. It was still packed at the 2 AM closing time. Here is one song from the set :  Without You.    -Jesse Pena on lead guitar,Frank Gross on drums and vocals,Carl Fassl on bass guitar and vocals,Stephen Lombardelli on sax, keyboard, and flute,Steve Campbell on drums (second set)and vocal, Dan Araco sound.  Dan did an excellent sound job in a difficult room to sound.

Look forward to posting more from this concert…

Produced at The ImaginAIRium, 3540 Schuylkill Rd Spring City Pa 19475

Dancer in 2 ImaginAIRiums

In The Great Room:

At The ImaginAIRium Meeting.

“…The world you know, is uninvited…”

In The Bus : “Stones And Bones”

Theater in a bus.  The Bus as Theater….