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The ImaginAIRium will focus on film makers.   A former Meeting House, it will be a hall for Eastern Pennsylvanians Film Makers, professional & wannabees to display/present their works,  to meet and network with each other and musicians, illustrators, sound people, writers, imagineers,  too.


As a film maker I have learned how important musicians are to film makers,  and how important film makers are to musicians. Likewise Illustrators to filmmakers and illustrators to musicians. We each breathe life into the others work. Witness Walt Disney’s Fantasia.


I have learned how important editors are. Making films is/are fun. Editing them is tedious. But editing film or video is  magic.

I like to think of my art as illustrating music and song. Here is a piece that with editor Jamie Sims we illustrated for Bard  Sean Tyrrell’s  song  written by Johnny Mulhern. Both play guitars in this performance . The art belongs to The Waterford Ireland Husband & Wife Artists  Miranda & Sean Corcoran:

We editors, film makers, artists  need each other.  We can meet and network in The Great Room in The Meeting House : The ImaginAIRium. For your GPS: 3540 Schuylkill Rd Spring City, on the main artery  through the Heart Of The Nation : Valley Forge. Schuylkill Rd runs above The Schuylkill River Artery – both through Valley Forge. Rt 23 becomes Schuylkill Rd at Rt 724. The Meeting House is a mile or two west on PA Rt. 724  Schuylkill Rd.

In this next piece Musician, Singer Songwriter Bob Adamski wrote and finished a song in 3 days to support and explain a multi media 1500 mile excursion ; Miami To New York.    One of the first train songs, in a manner of speaking, was John Henry, so Bob inserted John Henry’s  legendary steel pounding into the story Bob told in music and verse.   Sheila added some dialogue. Here then is our Train Song, dedicated to the Virtual Traveling ImaginAIRium, The Silver Star:

Some of my favorite Singer – Song Writer – videos that I shot were with the late greats Kip Miller (singing a guitar), Chuck Mueller (editor), and Fritter Collins (author). In this video, co shot with Ted The Fiddler ,
Kip Miller sung about a ’57 Grey & White Buick Roadmaster, Chuck Mueller like magic related it to Kruzin Pottstown, back in the day:

There have been times when all I had to do was aim the camera, hold still and the musical performance was so powerful that not one edit was necessary. Joe Salviuolo did that repeatedly, as in this Joe Sal performance, of his Perrier & Peaches in the great room of the Meeting House in Spring City, now known as The ImaginAIRium:

or this one:

Sometimes, not very often, one may shoot and edit the musician’s performance. I knew when I shot this, that I was going to edit it to this performance of Bard Tyrrell.

Soooo….come hang out, network, free wi fi…bring your guitar, tool or projector…or….

Peer-to-Peer Video: The Economics, Policy, and Culture of Today’s New Mass Medium [Hardcover]

Eli M. Noam (Editor), Lorenzo Maria Pupillo

Amazon.com  :   http://www.amazon.com/Peer-Peer-Video-Economics-Culture/dp/0387764496  :


Product Description

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) networks allow individuals to share digital content files in real time. They facilitate communication and promote community without hierarchy or strict control. This book applies economic principles to analyze and understand the P2P phenomenon. It also provides numerous contemporary examples from the US and around the world to shed light on the implications of P2P as a mass medium, considering such issues as pricing, licensing, security, and regulation.

From the Back Cover

Peer-to-Peer (P2P) is a communication structure in which individuals interact directly, without going through a centralized system. The implications of this architecture go far beyond the technological realm; the ability of individuals to share digital content files, including audio and video material, in real time, facilitates communication and, at a deeper cultural level, promotes community without hierarchy or strict control. As Eli Noam, Lorenzo Pupillo, and their colleagues demonstrate in this timely and incisive volume, P2P has permeated all facets of society, from YouTube and music downloading experiments on college campuses to international policy debates over intellectual property rights. Peer-to-Peer Video is the first book to apply economic principles to analyze and understand the P2P phenomenon, considering such topics as “consumer demand and the commons” and “file sharing and the copyright crisis.” Moreover, the authors, who include scholars, consultants, and industry executives, provide numerous contemporary examples from the U.S. and around the world to shed light on P2P as a mass medium, exploring such issues as pricing, licensing, security, and regulation. The result is provocative commentary on a slice of popular culture that will interest scholars and students, policymakers, media industry professionals, and general readers alike.


No Edit  1 Shot Video :  

2 b continued…