Congratulations! You have entered The Virtual ImaginAIRium

In construction…

In the meantime…PLEASE, Pretty Please… go here (click  on “here”  –  which is what we are trying to get here) :

AND Then, for an explanation of the metamorphing to ImaginAIRium :  Go To

2 responses to “Congratulations! You have entered The Virtual ImaginAIRium

  1. Hello Redkruzer We are having a meeting at Artisans 7:30 tonight (July 6), to look at the new plans developing the area across the Foundry building ~ a new street with new retail stores,office spaces and living quaters. A green path along the river, a stage – open venue area. What makes the difference in such plans, is us, if we can in habit those plans and make them work for our community. Are we ready for such an expansion ? I would love you to be involved with your creative spirit, or at least come and share your insights.
    Many bessings Henrik

  2. Henrik, So sorry to be so so slow in replying to your kind message …Perhaps we can meet … Your area or Birchrunville… Hy 610 827 7868

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