The Bus – In The Virtual ImaginAIRium

The Bus as Theater,           

 Theatre in a Bus:

Stones And Bones: The first episode of the Series : The Bus.

 We went to 3 performances. The first was a dress rehearsal with a small audience. We filmed that rehearsal. Two parts of the  filming are shown below. Wireman.The below slice serves as an introduction to the passenger, Wireman. It  includes some of the music side of  Stones N Bones.

Bennie, Deceased, Appears. In this slice of the production The brothers, Mort and Doc reunite to spread their father’s ashes.They agree to take a bus  Paradise Falls, where they will spread Benny, their father’s ashes… Mort & Doc are stunned when their deceased father or his spirit appears…
we learn a little about the stones n bones…

The Bus.

The Medium is the Massage:

The physical bus is a well used  Golden Eagle touring bus that has been revamped for theater. Most of the front rows of seats have been removed. The left & right sides of the bus have been redesigned to allow 22 seats, for the entire audience,  along the interior bus walls, facing one another. The rear few rows remain and most of the performance takes place there. The performers do regularly move up and down the aisle, and the conductor plays her part mostly from the front of the bus.

I heartily applaud the creativity, ingenuity, talent  and diligence of all who made this wonderful ongoing happening occur.


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