Bob Adamski and Easy Street Reunion in The Virtual ImaginAIRium

Easy Street thrilled the packed Library 2, a Virtual ImaginAIRium, for Saturday Evening November 6 2010. It was still packed at the 2 AM closing time. Here is one song from the set :  Without You.    -Jesse Pena on lead guitar,Frank Gross on drums and vocals,Carl Fassl on bass guitar and vocals,Stephen Lombardelli on sax, keyboard, and flute,Steve Campbell on drums (second set)and vocal, Dan Araco sound.  Dan did an excellent sound job in a difficult room to sound.

Look forward to posting more from this concert…

Produced at The ImaginAIRium, 3540 Schuylkill Rd Spring City Pa 19475

9 responses to “Bob Adamski and Easy Street Reunion in The Virtual ImaginAIRium

  1. This is a great video of a magical night in NJ. So good to see everyone and to hear Bob’s band. They blew me away – and I’m so glad you captured it on video! Can’t wait to see more!
    Maggie here is a video of you, your band, Maggie’s Guitar and Gigi and daughter and all . Great picking and playing,Hy

  2. Listen—this is, without a doubt, the best video of Easy Street ever taken. Also part of the beauty of the video is that it is one take and hand held at that. No small feat to produce such a vividly moving video of a pretty good band.

  3. Once again the circle turns full round – from being there to watching you do your magic and now seeing the end result. Amazing! Thank you for making the night memorable for all of us who were there as well as all who will see this video in the future.

  4. O what a night! Thanks for the music, your hospitality, and most importantly, the memories! By far, one of the best live performances I’ve ever seen! Looking forward to making many more memories!

  5. Many people have tried to tape us and failed due to the sheer physical difficulty (we are all well over seven feet tall.) Hy succeeded, with excellence. We hardly even knew he was there, buzzing around our kneecaps with that little camera of his. Even Gary enjoyed the experience, and he is usually just plain mean. Thanks, Hy, you are the best!

  6. Carl,
    I am blushing.
    I like working with Easy Street.
    Not only are they tight , original and damn good,
    they are appreciative.
    That was out first meet, I hope there are more.

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