What is a Virtual ImaginAIRium ? Physical ImaginAIRium?

Cross Over The Bridge

On  February 10, 2010 , in MiamiToNewYork.com, Sean Corcoran wrote, describing a cross over ImaginAIrium, half virtual & half physical:

As the days count down, our concepts melt into reality. Here’s where it starts, a prelude to a Miami to New York movie perhaps. A fantastic 45 seconds of video brought to you from the iPhone of the “fearless” Redkruzer himself, Hy Mayerson;

Imagine that: An ImaginAIRium

Perhaps the first video introducing a virtual or crossover ImaginAIrium was RedKruzer’s May 15 2008 YouTube post, in which red commented:

“goin down the hallway of life,

we could never imagine who we will meet where…

it is all an ImaginAIRium.” :

The Philadelphia Art Museum, A Virtual & Physical :         *****ImaginAIRium*** 

This is a work in progress, to be continued, stay tuned….

4 responses to “What is a Virtual ImaginAIRium ? Physical ImaginAIRium?

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  2. Glad to see you are still having fun!!

  3. linda grant scott

    Hi Hy,
    Love it all. You have been my hero in pioneering the documentary of all of this that has encompassed out presence and our pasts, over the hundreds of decades between us. Thank you, Redkruzer. Love always. Linda

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