Ireland: Damian Nixon in The ImaginAIRium

Damian Nixon reports on finding a new ImaginAIRium :

  Damian :  “Lovely day out but would have been a lovely day out anywhere. Ropebridge to a rock near Larrybane (means Ancient White Site in English). Takes about three minutes to walk around the top of the rock, after you pay money to queue to get to it across a rope-bridge. In olden times, the bridge was the only way fishermen could reach Carrick-a-Rede (means Rock in the Road) Island to catch salmon migrating from the Bush and Bann rivers. Worth seeing but not worth going to see, as a famous guy said about the giant’s causeway (Johnston I think he’s called). This wee vid will save ye all the bother. haha. (Beautiful scenery when the sun’s shining though). If you’re going, make sure you’re there very early, i.e. 8.30 a.m., or you’ll queue for an hour.”

I wonder if Damian looked at his camera’s monitor, crossing this mostly planked rope bridge, or did Damian mostly aim the camera?

Damian Nixon

Did he really say where his “schul played ball”?

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