Eric Clapton In The ImaginAIRium

Chapter 1:

Curtain Call :

The Response to the thundering ovations requesting, indeed demanding,  a Curtain Call: (PS-which do you like better?):

There are 2 basic ImaginAIRiums (sometimes they weave in & out of each other):

1.    The Virtual: The space between the ears

2.   The Physical

The Great Room in The Meeting House Law Building & Gallery, Spring City PA.

Studio 37 Johnstown, Waterford Ireland,

Studio 37 B, Copper Coast, Ireland

The Blazing Horse Festival, Ireland

White Water Depot – Mount Tremper, Woodstock NY

The Hilton Sky-Walk, Lake Erie PA

AMTRAK’s Silver Star

The Tram :  Tampa Airport

16 responses to “Eric Clapton In The ImaginAIRium

  1. Aboslutely beatiful video.

  2. Can’t get enough of that. Excuse me I’m going to watch again!

  3. One of my favorite of Bob’s songs.

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  5. I like door #2 Bob….

  6. Fantastic song. But I love the lyrics most of all. Pure poetry. Thank you for sharing.

  7. Go redkruzer….great site…a lot of work…looks like you had a blast…best wishes…love, Angela

  8. Thank you Angela.
    Below is one of yours:

  9. I enjoyed the Eric Clapton song, and other videos.

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