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A Virtual ImaginAIRium:… Epic walkoff runback : DeSean Jackson Wins Game With Punt Return

hmmmm…  lets see,  he fumbled the ball, picked it up,  ran through and past the entire Giant’s tem…including a beautiful block and then a straight-arm at 15 secs…Then he  ran sideways across the field on the 1 yard line or less – to run down/out the clock – before crossing the goal line…hmmmm …..wonder what Coach Reid  said? Said “Outrageous”.

Wonder who caught the game ball DeSean  threw away?   Note that the announcer was dumbfounded as DeSean ran laterally across the field, to run down the time clock,  instead of crossing the goal right away.

Why was this such a momentous play?

Here is what a Philadelphia Inquirer Reporter wrote about the play and the game:

Eagles’ ‘Miracle at New Meadowlands’ beats Giants for NFC East lead

POSTED: December 20, 2010 By Jeff McLane Inquirer Staff Writer

“Why would he kick it to DeSean?”

Michael Vick asked the question that the New York Giants and their fans will be muttering to themselves for years to come.

But that’s exactly what Giants punter Matt Dodge did.

DeSean Jackson did all the rest.

The wide receiver – kept in check for nearly the entire game – fielded a short, line-drive punt from Dodge and miraculously raced 65 yards for the winning touchdown as time expired to give the Eagles an improbable, mind-boggling, there-isn’t-an-adjective-suitable-enough-to-describe-this 38-31 win over the Giants on Sunday.

Amazingly, the Eagles roared back after the Giants took a 31-10 lead with 8 minutes, 17 seconds left in the game.

In nearly three seasons, Jackson has provided a highlight reel of great plays that would fill a career, but his dash for the ages at New Meadowlands Stadium goes straight to the top. It will be a part of Eagles lore as long as Philadelphians love football and can go by only one name: “The Miracle at the New Meadowlands.”